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Outdoor Photography Image

A fantastic showcase of award winning images feature in Outdoor Photography. Check out these amazing images of the US landscapes...

Popular Photography November 2015

Pop Photo show the Awards in their November magazine with the front cover graced by Ted Gore’s image ‘Hourglass’ of the Mesquite Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California.

And online here:

USA Today Image

We are delighted that USA Today announced the winners of our USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 competition on-line 30th May, 2014.

The winners are:

USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 - Nagesh Mahadev (USA) with his 3 images “Light of the Wild”, Reynold’s Wrap” and “Soul of the Ancients”

Young USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 - Vincent Bonafede (USA) with his 3 images “Morning Mist”, “Willow Creek” and “Shadow Tree”

Winner of Classic View - Jarrod Castaing (Australia) with his image “Metlako Falls” made in Metlako Falls, Oregon

Winner of Urban Landscape - Adrian Almond (UK) with his image “Chicago Canoes” made in Chicago

Winner of Black & White - Nicholas Hill (UK) with his image “Manhattan Stands 13 Feet Above Me” made in Manhattan

Winner of My U.S.A. - Miles Morgan (USA) with his image “Apocalypse Now” made in Mount St Helens, Washington State

Winner of Landscape on the Move - Claire Onions (UK) with her image “Impressions of Yosemite” made in Yosemite, California

Winner of Judges’ Choice Award - Samuel Feron (France) with his image “Thoughts” made in Death Valley, Eastern California


Runners Up are:

USA Landscape Photographer of the Year Runner-Up 2014 - Jarrod Castaing (Australia) with his 3 images “Metlako Falls”, Death Valley Dunes” and “McWay Falls”

Youth Runner Up 2014 - Timothy Aiken (USA) with his 3 images “Skyline Sunset”, “Big Sur Coast” and “Storm at San Gregorio”

Black & White Runner Up - Tom Kredo (USA) with his image “Mid Winter Canal Thaw”

My USA Runner Up - Craig Bill (USA) with his image “Surfer’s Secret”

Classic View Runner Up - Art Donahue (USA) with his image “Oak Island”

Urban Landscape Runner Up - Gail Von Bergen-Ryan (UK) with her image"New York New York 1”

Landscape on the Move Runner Up Christina Keaton (USA) with her image “Patience”


Third Placed are:

Classic View Third - Carol Brightbill (USA) with her image “The Orange Sunrise”

Urban Third - David Hammaker ((USA) with his image “WA Young Machine Sho p ”

Black & White Third - Huggen Angeles (USA) with his image “Shadow of the Gates”

My USA Third - Charlotte Gibb (USA) with her image “Oaks and Granite”

Congratulations to all our winners, runners-up, third placed and Highly Commended photographers. Take a look at our winners’ gallery to see the winning images.

Follow this link to see the news on USA Today:

The high standard of the photography entered into the competition is reflected in the number of Highly Commended awards. The top Highly Commended awards in each of the categories Classic View, Black & White, Urban and My USA and all Highly Commendeds in Landscape on the Move are shown in our Winners’ Gallery.

Thank you to all those talented photographers who have submitted images to the USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015 competition. Without you, we would’nt have a competition! Its been an incredible privilege to see all your images and our Judges have had a tough job due to the high standard of photography sumbmitted. Congratulations to all those photographers who have won Awards.

Please don’t forget that we will be inviting entries for next year’s competition in the New Year. More news to follow!

Business Insider Logo Image

Follow this link to see the gallery of winners’ images featured in Business Insider: 12 Incredible Landscape Photos Of America

Huffington Post Logo Image

Follow this link to see Huffington Posts’s on-line gallery of the winning images from USA LPOTY 2014: USA Photographer of The Year Winners Show Off America’s Many Beautiful Angles.

They are also sharing news of the winners across their social media.
Popular Photography Image

The winner of Young Landscape Photographer of the Year, Vincent Bonafede is delighted that Popular Photography has chosen one of his 3 winning portfolio images, “Morning Mist”, to be the cover image for their July edition.

Popular Photography Image

“Awe-inspiring images of the American Landscape win inaugural contest”. This is how Amateur Photographer described this year’s winning images in their news item on the results of the competition. They will be running a full feature article on USA LPOTY 2014 including more of the winning and runner up images in their 12th July print edition.

Art Wolfe Portrait Image

Art Wolfe, who was one of our finalist judges shares his thoughts on what makes a great image with

You’ve just helped judge the USA Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. What makes an image stand out to you?

The uniqueness and perspective. If I have a perception that somebody’s just putting their tripods in the holes of previous photographers, obviously that is a tick against my interest. If it’s unusual light, if it’s something new, then I’m very intrigued. I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I’ve got a great memory for photographs and so I’m always looking for something unique or something new that I’ve not seen before, or maybe a great shot of an old subject in new light. That’s something I would take note of.

American Beauty Image

A fantastic showcase of award winning images feature in Popular Photography. Check out these amazing images of the US landscapes.