What the Winners Say

Urban category winner – Adrian Almond
  • Urban category winner – Adrian Almond

Winner Urban Landscape Photographer of The Year 2014: Adrian Almond (UK) Chicago - Chicago Canoes

It was a thrilling experience to receive the phone call from Charlie. I instantly recognised his distinctive voice and wonderful warm tone. The news made me feel so happy and the experience provided me with great confidence and enthusiasm for my future photographic exploits.

I was overwhelmed to be told that my image was the unanimous choice of the Judging Panel, composed of himself and 12 other leading Photographers, including Art Wolfe and David Muench.

I was already feeling good about the fact that 3 of my images had been shortlisted into the final selection process. Indeed, the fact that the Competition had been set up to let you know if any of your images had gone through to the semi-finals and then the finals, was a great way to keep up the excitement levels and to award positive encouragement to a broader group of Photographers.

The publicity from such an event was a big help in terms of interest in my website. In particular, bookings for my Landscape Photography Workshops that I run in the Lake District Mountains, were very positively influenced.


Youth Winner – Vincent Bonafed
  • Youth Winner – Vincent Bonafed

Winner Youth Landscape Photographer of The Year 2014: Vincent Bonafed - Shadow Tree

When I first heard of the USA Young Landscape Photographer of the Year contest in 2014 I was so excited because it was the first contest that I could enter due to my age.  After entering the contest I could not wait to see if one of my images would be recognized.  When I finally got the call I was shocked to find that I was not only recognized for an image but had won the title of Young Landscape Photographer of the Year for my submitted portfolio.  This honor was beyond my expectations, I was on cloud nine!  Winning this award in 2014 has been one of my biggest accomplishments as I have worked very hard to improve my skills in photography.  I feel that this has added credibility to my work and most importantly taught me to reach for my goals.  Since the contest, I have continued to market myself through social media and sell my work though my print on demand website.  The overall experience was amazing, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity.


Classic View Category - Jarrod Castaing
  • Classic View Category - Jarrod Castaing

Winner Classic View Landscape Photographer of The Year 2014: Jarrod Castaing – Metlako Falls

As if one piece of good news wasn't enough, I was delighted when Charlie phoned to tell me that not only had I won the Classic View, but I'd also been awarded Runner Up of the overall USA Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Travelling from Sydney, Australia to the USA, the diversity of the landscape is what stayed with me the most. From forests to deserts and everything in between, it's a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate.

I try to measure my success in terms of my own journey. I've been fortunate to travel through over 45 countries, each year guiding workshops both north and south from Iceland and Arctic Norway to New Zealand and Australia. Winning was a very proud moment and the exposure continues to allow me to share my passion for capturing nature with fellow photographers across the world.